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ABOUT Divine nature arts

The vision for Divine Nature Arts came in 2012 as an idea for a clothing line featuring mandalas, sacred geometry, and textiles from around the world. Divine Nature Arts was established in the Fall of 2015 as a portal through which artist Ramona Snow Teo could share her creations with the world and connect with others through her events and workshops.  The  concept for Divine Nature Arts has since expanded beyond apparel to include the full range of Ramona's offerings. It is a one-stop-shop for her visionary art, unique t-shirts and tank tops, up-cycled jewelry and more!

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Ramona Snow Teo was born and raised in New Mexico, "The Land of Enchantment", where the diverse culture and thriving arts community has inspired her to explore her creative calling. Her various hobbies and passions include painting, drawing, clothing design, making jewelry, graphic design, experimental filmmaking and belly dance.

While studying at the University of New Mexico, Ramona's creative vision began crystallizing around a core theme: the mandala. A mandala is a universal symbol of wholeness represented by a circular design typically featuring radial symmetry. Mandalas can be found in every culture throughout history and all throughout nature as well. From the perfect circle of the moon to the intricate geometries of the sunflower, the sacred circle is a consistent reminder of the interconnectedness of all things. The infinite possibilities of this theme have guided Ramona on many avenues of exploration.

In 2012, she completed her most popular series: "60 Days 60 Mandalas", in which she used various mediums to create a new mandala every day for two months. Following this project, many people in her community became curious about making mandalas and asked for her guidance. Before agreeing to teach them, Ramona wanted to go deeper into her own understanding of this powerful creative tool.

In 2013, she traveled to Rhinebeck, New York to study at the Omega Institute and begin her mentorship with Eileen Rose to become a Certified Mandala Facilitator. During her stay she also studied with master visionary artist Alex Grey. Shaped by her teachers, community and life lessons, Ramona has cultivated a practice of creating intentionally healing artwork inspired by inner visions and meditation. Since completing her mentorship, Ramona has taught several workshops carrying on the golden lineage of Judith Cornell, PhD, author of "Mandala: Luminous Symbols for Healing". The powerful processes illuminated in these workshops have been valuable tools for Ramona and she loves to share that magic with others.

Ramona has two small children, Zena (November 2015) and Rafael (February 2017). In her spare time, she is working on her paintings, crafts, workshops and growing her business, Divine Nature Arts, as an outlet for her versatile creations. She envisions a world where we can all follow our bliss while creating abundance for our families and communities.

Explore more of Ramona's projects at: ramonateo.com