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Bee Mural @ The Buzz


I'm excited to be coming out of my cocoon and reconnecting with the community. After gratefully accepting an opportunity to paint a mural, Zena and I have been visiting the wall this past week and working on the beginnings of some fresh public art. It feels great to be painting large scale again! The mural is at a very exciting new community venue called The Buzz. It is a newly renovated event space, gallery and community headquarters erected at The Hive - a compound of apartments in the heart of the student ghetto of Albuquerque. After laying the background honeycomb pattern, I did some live painting during the grand opening event while enjoying lots of great music and visiting with many good friends. It was a sweet event and I look forward to more happenings at The Buzz. I am hoping to plan a workshop in the new space, possibly before the end of the year. I'll be sure to announce it when the plans come together! In the meantime I have lots of work to do on the mural and I will share pictures when it is complete!