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The Jade Oracle: Deities & Symbols of Ancient Mexico

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I am illustrating a deck of oracle cards!

"What are oracle cards?" you may be wondering. Like tarot cards, they are essentially a spiritual tool used for divination and introspection. The difference is they are not structured by traditional tarot suits and hierarchies. Instead, these oracle cards are an assortment of archetypal symbols and deities from Ancient Mexico. There will be 52 beautifully illustrated cards accompanied by a booklet that guides you through understanding the mythology and interpretations of the cards.

The deck will be called "The Jade Oracle" and is a collaboration with myself and two amazing women, Anne Key and Veronica Iglesias. Anne is a priestess, a scholar, an author, a dancer and an incredibly inspiring woman. Veronica is a healer from Mexico City, a Keeper of the Ancient Knowledge, an historian, and a deeply connected spiritual guide. I am so excited to be working along side these goddesses.

 Veronica Iglesias, Anne Key & Ramona Teo

Veronica Iglesias, Anne Key & Ramona Teo

The Jade Oracle is now live on Kickstarter!

We've finished our pitch video, written up our story, set our reward tiers, lit some candles and palo santo incense, and said our prayers to the powerful deities of pre-Hispanic Mexican lore.

And at last... we've officially launched our Kickstarter campaign!

Join the community of backers who are pledging donations toward this unique creative dream. This powerful deck of oracle cards is coming together in divine timing and we are so appreciative of your support in helping to bring them into this world. 

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Donate on Kickstarter.com

Follow this LINK to check out our campaign! Your account won't be charged until the campaign is complete and we have successfully reached our goal.  All pledges, large and small, are gratefully accepted. This project can't happen without your help!


Spread the Word

Share our video and the LINK to our Kickstarter campaign with your friends and community. Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to get the word out. And if you or someone you know has an email list, a blog, website, YouTube channel or group that may be interested in The Jade Oracle deck - please use these tools to help us get the message out to a wider audience!

We are glad to have you beside us and supporting us as we hold our breaths and wait to see if we will reach our goal.  It is a difficult thing to reach out for help sometimes, especially when it comes to manifesting our wild and creative dreams, but we thought it couldn't hurt to ask! 

Thank you all so much for being part of this labor of love. It means so much to us and it's so important to get this work out to the world. 

-- Ramona (and Anne & Veronica)