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Dolphin Earrings | Recycled Bike Tire Tubes

Dolphin Earrings | Recycled Bike Tire Tubes


Hand-Cut from Recycled Bike Tire Tubes

Brass charms and earring hooks.

These handmade earrings are fashioned from recycled bike tire tubes that have been rescued from the landfill and crafted into wearable art. A stunning use of recycling, these earrings are lightweight, durable, easy to clean and vegan-friendly! They are a perfect gift for any cycling enthusiast, vegan fashionista, or up-cycled art lover!

* Due to the hand-crafted nature of these earrings, each pair will display variations in cut, color, texture, etc. Earrings are made to order and may vary slightly from those pictured. Every pair is as unique as a snowflake!

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