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Medicine Star Wheel | Mandala Art Print by Ramona Snow Teo

Medicine Star Wheel | Mandala Art Print by Ramona Snow Teo


Original Art Print by Visionary Artist Ramona Snow Teo

Archival print mounted on 9" x 12" black matte board with protective clear plastic sleeve.

A mandala is a universal symbol of wholeness represented by a circular design typically featuring radial symmetry. Mandalas can be found in every culture throughout history and all throughout nature as well. From the perfect circle of the moon to the intricate geometries of the sunflower, the sacred circle is a consistent reminder of the interconnectedness of all things. Making mandalas and viewing the completed artwork can be a powerful meditation tool for calming and focusing the mind. Each of my mandalas has a unique essence derived from an intention, idea or vision.

This acrylic mandala was Day 20 of my 60 Day 60 Mandala Challenge, to see full series visit my website: www.ramonateo.com

March 20, 2012: "Medicine Star Wheel" Acrylic on paper.
This mandala is based on the traditional Native American medicine wheel, an homage to the great cycles of life and the four sacred divisions. These four categories represent the 4 directions, 4 seasons, 4 stages in life, 4 colors that represent the different races. Black Elk is quoted as saying, “Black is for the west where the thunder beings send us rain. White is for the north, where the great white cleansing wind comes. Red is for the east where springs the light and the morning star. Yellow is for the south, where summer comes along with the power to grow.” At the center of the wheel I added the traditional Plains Indian star design known best through its use on Lakota star quilts. It is a recognition of our connection to the celestial bodies and these stars as being our passageway into the afterlife. The points around the star represent individuals being held together by their community at the center. Everywhere you look, in every culture and every point in time, the mandala is used as a metaphor for interconnectedness with all life and the Creator. Happy Spring Equinox!

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