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Purification of the Night | Mandala Art Print by Ramona Snow Teo | Owl & Vulture Spirit Animals

Purification of the Night | Mandala Art Print by Ramona Snow Teo | Owl & Vulture Spirit Animals


Original Art Print by Visionary Artist Ramona Snow Teo

Archival print mounted on 9" x 12" black matte board with protective clear plastic sleeve.

A mandala is a universal symbol of wholeness represented by a circular design typically featuring radial symmetry. Mandalas can be found in every culture throughout history and all throughout nature as well. From the perfect circle of the moon to the intricate geometries of the sunflower, the sacred circle is a consistent reminder of the interconnectedness of all things. Making mandalas and viewing the completed artwork can be a powerful meditation tool for calming and focusing the mind. Each of my mandalas has a unique essence derived from an intention, idea or vision.

This digital collage mandala was Day 59 of my 60 Day 60 Mandala Challenge, to see full series visit my website: www.ramonateo.com

April 28 2012: "Purification of the Night" Digital Collage.
I was talking with a friend yesterday about animal spirit guides. Mine include the bear, blue whale and elephant. He told me that we have at least one guide in each animal category: mammal, reptile, avian, fish or water animal, etc. I had never considered all of these before and specifically I felt like I ought to have a bird guide, but had never really had any special connection with any. I forgot about this and went about my day. Then last night I had a very vivid dream that I walked into this huge beautiful atrium with glass windows all around and plants everywhere. Right when I walked in there was an owl perched straight ahead of me staring directly into my eyes. It was so vivid and stunning I felt like I was looking at it in waking life. Then to my left just a few feet away, I saw a huge black vulture with outstretched wings and I reached up and touched its feet. Today as I started on my mandala, I was only going to use the owl because I thought of it as a more beautiful creature, known for its wisdom and reign over the night which is my power time. My first reaction to the vulture was disgust and I didn't want to share that part of my dream. But after reading up a little bit, I discovered that this scavenger is a powerful symbol of the balance of Earth's natural energies and cycles. The scientific name for the turkey vulture is Cathartes Aura which means Golden Purifier because it purifies the landscape and environment in it's own natural way, ensuring the continued health and life of other living things. The vulture is a promise that all hardship is temporary and necessary for a higher purpose. I've come to terms now with the vulture part of myself and I am ready to learn from its wisdom.

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